Ravi Sajwan

Renew Power

Ravinder “Ravi” Sajwan – CEO – Renew Group Private Limited, After graduating Ravi founded 4 successful startups as CTO, COO. Each startup had multi-billion dollar exits and products delivered by his teams provided many-fold performance increases in networking, including Ethernet, telecommunications and Internet and created new multi-billion dollar markets. Today these technologies power various products at Tektronix, Avago, Cisco, Intel, PMC-Sierra

Since 2007 Ravi has focused on delivering products that address consumer markets, medical devices and software, power generation and water processing. At Renew Ravi leads an incredible team that is focussed on delivering innovations that address global markets and meaningful impact to humankind.

Ravi is on the the board of Ultralinq, Diagnostic Green, Renew Group, 5HE and various other startups.

Ravinder “Ravi” Sajwan finished undergraduate studies at IIT, Varanasi, India in 1982 and graduated with MS in EE from NYU School of Engineering in 1984.

His current interests and investments include in Cloud Infrastructure, CPG, Nutraceuticals, Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices and related software.